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Genuine Mercedes-Benz Engine Oil 229.5 SAE 5w-40

Genuine Mercedes-Benz Engine Oil 229.5 SAE 5w-40

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This oil has been designed by Mercedes-Benz specifically for Mercedes-Benz vehicles.
Developed to ensure your engine runs smoothly and with Mercedes Benz efficiency.
The only oil recommended by the experts who built your engine.

MB229.5 is a premium oil designed to optimise fuel economy for the latest generation of petrol engines equipped with modern emission control systems.
Good cold starting performance, low oil consumption and minimised exhaust emissions.

• The first oil to deserve the Mercedes-Benz star
• Developed to the exacting technical specifications of Mercedes-Benz
• Optimises engine performance through reduced internal friction
• Minimises engine wear resulting in optimal engine service life
• Maximises fuel efficiency
• Keep your vehicle a Mercedes-Benz, inside and out.



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