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AMG multi-spoke wheel, 50.8 cm (20 inch), high-sheen A25740119007X21

AMG multi-spoke wheel, 50.8 cm (20 inch), high-sheen A25740119007X21

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AMG multi-spoke wheel, 50.8 cm (20 inch), high-sheen

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The long road to perfection. AMG light-alloy wheels not only boost your vehicle’s looks, they also offer the ultimate in safety.

All wheels are precision-tailored to your vehicle in terms of load profile and dimensions. Before your light-alloy wheels are allowed to accompany you safely on your travels, they are subjected to an extensive development and testing programme. Each wheel design has to pass a variety of endurance tests, based on exacting Mercedes-Benz guidelines, all of which exceed statutory requirements. These include special test routines which simulate real challenges on the road and material tests in cutting-edge x-ray facilities.

High-sheen wheels undergo additional tests such as exposure to highly corrosive salt spray or a 28-day variable climate programme. Only once all of the tests have been passed may the wheels be included in the range of genuine Mercedes-Benz light-alloy wheels.

AMG light-alloy wheels are supplied without tyres, hub caps, valve caps, wheel bolts or rim locks.

Part number: A25740119007X21

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